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It's finally gotten to the point that Sweety and I watch time-shifted TV based not in order of how much we like it, but how likely the Internet is to spoil it for us.

My Game of Thrones thoughts will spoil the Song of Ice and Fire books as well.

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E-book with an e-story by e-me!

You've probably been thinking, "That rabbit hasn't been around complaining, so things must be going great for her." And you know, there is at least one significant piece of evidence pointing to YES!

A dear friend looped me in on a call for submissions earlier this year, and the exceedingly fortunate result is that I have a story in an anthology. It's an e-book anthology called Puzzle Box. Behold!

Puzzle Box is packed with all kinds of different stories, most of them speculative fiction of some stripe. There are 11 stories, which I happen to think is a pretty good deal for $4. In fact, if you buy the mobi/ePub/HTML bundle directly from the editor, you get another anthology, to the tune of another seven stories. 18 stories for four bucks is a crazy-good deal (assuming they're good, and I think they are).

This is a small publisher taking a chance on me, so if you read the anthology and like it, I would really appreciate it if you'd spread the word. It doesn't have any reviews up at Amazon or Goodreads yet, although there are entries for both. Or tell a friend.

Of course, enjoying it in silence is perfectly okay, too.

Lost has a few great things going for it--and a few real problems. Sweety and I realized that we enjoyed this episode extra-much for a few good reasons: more Miles, no Kate.

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I've rather liked Black Bolt ever since the Paul Jenkins / Jae Lee Inhumans limited series. The "War of Kings" story did things with him that I didn't like. Now that the actual writers are considering retconning it, here's my vote.

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If this made you chuckle, supporting the Cartoon Art Museum. Curator Andrew Farago, aka andrewfarago , has announced the Holy Haircut, Batman! fundraiser. If the museum receives a paltry $5K in donations--seriously, what villain would settle for such a tiny sum?--Mr. Farago will shave the Bat-Symbol into his hair.

Will the noble museum curator bow his head to the will of the masses? Will he become a beacon of bat-goodness for all to see? Only you can decide! Stay tuned!
...but I've been watching a bit anyway. Having grown up surrounded by hockey players, I was not inclined to watch any team sports played on ice. Even speed skating doesn't interest me that much. But then I happened across curling, and I thought it was really interesting.

There's a lot to like about curling, even for someone who doesn't know all the rules. Pretty much every turn results in something happening that could change the score. Every player takes a turn at every task. The players' faces are visible. Basically, it banishes everything that bores me about hockey. It's a lot of fun to watch.

Sweety and I watched a bit of the men's curling last night. We were a bit bummed that the last-place match was the one showing live (probably because the US team was in it), but it was still fun to watch.

Me: Wow. Xioming Xu looks like a young Chow Yun-Fat.
Sweety: Yes, he does. And he looks like somebody else, too. Somebody Caucasian. I can't put my finger on it.
Me (thinking hard): Enver Gjokaj?
Sweety: Maybe a little. But that's not who I'm thinking.
We watch for a while. Then we see Mr. Xu yell, "Whoa!"
Sweety: YES.
Me: This man is like a cross between Chow Yun-Fat and David Tennant.
Sweety: This will make him very popular with a certain type of geek woman.

I believe that that type is "women who read my LJ."

[edited with better photos; Xu is on the right in the two-person photo]
From the Cartoon Art Museum's Twitter feed:

If CAM gets $10,000 in donated through our [Facebook] Causes Page by April 2, Curator Andrew Farago get a 1989-style Batman haircut at our Friday night WonderCon

Here's a link to CAM's Causes page: http://tinyurl.com/bat-cut Give early, and give often!

I find this idea hilarious and encourage you to spend your tax-deductible charity dollars on this important cause. Cartoon Art Museum is already awesome, but I love thinking of their illustrious curator, andrewfarago , getting a silly haircut to help. That's what I call dedication.


Kate Godfrey's charming and sweet Christmas story "Miss Eiderdown's Stocking" is now available as a two-part radio play. The first part of the play is already live at KnitPick and as a PDF at okaykate.com. It's free, and you don't have to sign up for anything to read or listen.

I've had the good fortune to read the entire thing, and it makes me sniffle. In a good way, though, one that the "medicinal yarn" of the story couldn't cure. It has ghosts, urchins, and knitting...what's not to love?

My only hope is that the Eiderdown/Entwhistle team will eventually discover crochet.

Yet another reason to like David Tennant

He's apparently the spokesperson for AICR's Don't Let Cancer Have The Last Word project. The project sounds pretty cool.

Oven Research

Last Friday, we had an oil spill in the oven. Sweety and I cleaned it out, but we saw how much crud was burned on to the oven and decided to run a cleaning cycle for the first time.

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Obnoxious casting call

I haven't posted a press release in a long time. I have no idea how I got on the list for this one. It takes up a lot of room, so I'm snipping it liberally. Yes, it's real: I'm sure they released in on April 2 on purpose. The full Web site is at http://spidermanonbroadway.marvel.com .


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